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Have you Got Everything it Takes to Get in Shape - but Lack the Motivation?



Are you the type of person that needs some type of strong personal motivation, such as a training partner waiting for you to get to the gym each day? Would you get more from your work outs if someone took you through each exercise every time you came to work out? And are you the type of person that just doesn;t want to think when your at the gym and would do better in your work outs if someone guided you through every step from the time you got to the gym until you went home?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our club's personal one-on-one coaching program is what you need.


What is the Personal Fitness Success program and who should take part?


Personal TrainerPersonal coaching, or working one-on-one with your own trainer, is for anyone who struggles with any type of motivation when it comes to sticking with a program. How it works is simple. Book a coach and he or she will be waiting for you when you arrive. Your coach will then take you through every step of your workout, providing guidance as you need it, as well as some motivation to get the most out of the work out for that day. Having a coach will give you the maximum workout with the least amount of thinking or hassle. For more information on the PFS program or to book a coaching session please contact a member of the club personnel.


Meet PFS trainer a. Roger Altizer
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Adam Cranford

Meet PFS trainer Amy Caperton
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Caleb Bazyler
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Camron Britton
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Christina Maiden

Meet PFS trainer Cody Cannon
Personal Trainer

B.S. Human Performance and Exercise Science (Milligan College)

Meet PFS trainer Kelli Becker
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Lonnie Parker
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Lori Darter
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Lumi Ghetman
Personal trainer

Meet PFS trainer Motte Maines
Personal Trainer

Meet PFS trainer Rob Stacy
Fitness Director

Enjoys CrossFit and seeing other reach their potential. Former College baseball player and coach at The University of Pikeville in Pikeville, Ky.

Meet PFS trainer Ryan Bartolon
Personal Trainer

Played College baseball for The University of Pikeville in Pikeville, KY

Meet PFS trainer Sandra Talford
Personal Trainer

Sandra also does several of our group fitness classes.

Meet PFS trainer Tim Herron
Personal Trainer


Nutrition Program

Forget the hype! No matter what diet plan is hot right now, we know that everyone has their own personal needs when it comes to optimal nutrition. Let our experts help you determine the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat to keep you feeling your absolute best. A customized menu plan will be designed with your goals and favorite foods in mind. We’ll also let you know what supplements complement your plan and lifestyle. Ongoing coaching sessions monitor your progress and provide important lifestyle support.

Whether your goal is to lose body fat, increase muscle, improve sports performance, or simply enhance your overall well-being, we will have an Apex Fitness Systems program just for you.


Free 15 min massage

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